Here at The Edit, we're a little different... (If you haven't already figured that out).

The Edit offers a three-tier pricing structure to cater for all budgets. 

Our three tiers include a slightly higher price range for our advanced senior stylist (stylists with years of experience and training under their belt), a senior stylist range and an emerging stylist price range. All our stylists are extremely talented and will cater to you and your hair types. 




Ladies Cut


Ladies Cut & Blowdry


Ladies Restyle Cut & Blowdry


Mens Cut


Child Cut (0-13)


Child Cut & Blowdry


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Re Growth Short Tint


Re Growth Long Colour


Short Colour


Medium Colour


Long Colour


Extra Long Colour


Scalp Bleach - Regrowth Short


Scalp Bleach - Regrowth Long


Ombre/Balayage Medium


Ombre/Balayage Long


Toner (From)


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Blowdry Express


Blowdry w Extensions


Blowdry - Thick Long




Dry Style






Add on - Top Knot


Add on - Braid


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Centre Panel Foils


1/2 Head Foils


1/2 Head Foils - Long


3/4 Head Foils


3/4 Head Foils - Long


Full Head Foils


Full Head Foils - Long


Toner (From)


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Time: Instant - at the basin treatment (no added time).


Hair type: All hair types.


  • A quick pick me up.-

  • Improves overall hair appearance and feel

  •  Locks in colour services and increases the longevity of colour and toners

  • All treatments are recommended with a blowdry to provide effective, longer lasting results.

The Star


TimeAdd on 15 minutes to your appointment.

Hair type: All hair types.


  • Users report repairs to 90% of damage caused by heat, chemicals and environment

  • Great for psoriasis sufferers or those suffering from dandruff - No oily after feeling

  •  Increases hair growth by 40%

  •  Great for hair extensions

  • Improves hair elasticity and porosity.

  • Locks in colour services and increases the longevity of colour and toners 



Time: 2.5 - 3 Hours

Hair Type: All Hair Types


  • Benefits: 
    Dramatically reduces curls and eliminates frizz

  • Smooth hair from the inside out

  • Shiny hair that is resistant to humidity

  • 100% free from formaldehyde

  • Can be used on any hair texture

  • Maximum frizz control and humidity protection

  • Maximum curl reduction and smoothing

  • Faster blow-drying and finishing

  • Results last for up to 12 weeks

Short:  $250.00

Medium: $350.00

Long: $400.00