Christmas Casual - Salon Assistant

What is a salon assistant role? 

A salon assistant is one of the most important roles within The Edit. Essentially the assistants are the first point of contact for our customers that walk in the door. 

A salon assistant's job entails;

- Greeting Clients as they walk in

- Caping Clients and preparing for their senior stylist

- Offering refreshments

- Washing/ Shampooing clients hair in preparation for their service

- Assisting senior

r stylists to ensure their day runs smoothly

- General salon cleaning duties


What hours are required to become a salon assistant?

Generally, salon assistants work in peak hours, these include late night tradings  (Tuesdays and Thursday depending on salon location) Friday's and Saturday's. 

Over the Christmas period, full day shifts may be offered. 


Do I have to have experience? 

There is no experience required for this position, however, a good work ethic, someone who is eager and driven along with great customer service skills are mandatory.  

Essential skills are;

- Ability to multi-task

- Great organizational skills

- have a positive attitude

- Great interest in all things hair and beauty

- Be able to converse with customers 

- Be willing to work hard 



What age can you be a salon assistant? 

You can apply for our assistant role as long as you are 15+, there is no age limit to be a salon assistant. 


When will the position start? 

- First Interviews will be held on Monday, October 1st. 

- The Second stage interview- one on one with our CEO will be held Friday 5th October

- Final candidates will be offered Orientation/ Trial day the week of the 15th October

- Successful applicants will be notified on the same day of the trial 

- Successful applicants will be due to start week beginning 15th October upon contract signing.

* If you attend school, after school hour interviews will be available. 


Is there a chance of ongoing employment?

Yes! Absolutely, this is your chance to show us what you've got!


If this sounds like you, please continue to the application page. 

Good Luck, we're excited to meet you all!